Our Services

We are a growing healthcare group providing general medical care services and treatment of acute and chronic conditions, and intermediate/secondary care services in preventive medicine, general cardiology and post-hospitalisation recovery.

As an intermediate care provider, our staff are professionals who are registered with the Ministry of Health, Singapore. We also have our own rapid testing facilities at the clinic to assess patients' health promptly.

We treat patients whose symptoms and conditions do not quite need specialists to review or do not fit any particular speciality, and yet these patients require more expertise and medical testing capabilities than a General Practice clinic.

Please browse through the services we offer at A Healing Heart Medical.

Financial Assistance

We are CHAS and Medisave accredited. You may use CHAS if you are a Singaporean and have signed up for the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) programme. Pioneer and Merdeka Generation are also under this scheme.

For civil servants, pensioners and their dependants on health benefits, we will submit the Government's share of medical bills. You only need to pay the remaining share of medical bills.

We are not on any corporate insurance panels.

We can help you complete any corporate insurance claim forms and medical report for a fee. You can read about the Request for Medical Report and download the request form to complete your request.

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