Pre-Departure ART and PCR Tests

For Travelling Overseas

MOH-approved COVID-19 test provider

As a MOH-approved provider and licensed clinic, we provide pre-departure test (PDT) and pre-event test (PET) at A Healing Heart Medical Clinic for individuals aged 13 and above.

For those travelling abroad, you will need to send us your identity card (if any), passport, vaccination records, and departure flight details for verification. You are responsible to check the testing window required by the country of destination, and the type of test needed.

In general, travellers must take a PCR or ART test within 48 to 72 hours before flight departs.

More outbound pre-departure information can be found on ICA's SafeTravel website.

Pre-departure test (PDT) and Pre-event test (PET)

[MOH Circular No. 08/2023] From 22 February 2023, it will no longer be mandatory for approved PCR clinics to issue PCR Pre-Departure Test (PDT) certificates in a digital format following Singapore's HealthCerts standards. Instead, approved PCR clinics may issue PDT certificates in any format of their choice, including the HealthCerts format.

For Travel

Pre-Departure ART and PCR

Pre-Departure Antigen Rapid Test (ART)
Pre-Departure ART

This Antigent Rapid Test (ART) is for those who are travelling abroad and conducted at the clinic. We do not provide remote supervised ART. Information is submitted to MOH directly. Test result is issued by MOH. No notorization is required. Please keep your printed copy when travelling.

Before your appointment, please send us a copy of your identity card (front and back), passport, vaccination report, and flight departure itinerary.

Pre-Departure Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test - Normal Speed
Pre-Departure PCR Test (Normal Speed)

For normal speed Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, your test result will be back within 24 hours. Please consider your destination's travel requirements before booking an appointment.

Before your appointment, please send us a copy of your identity card (front and back), passport, vaccination report, and flight departure itinerary.

Pre-Departure PCR Test (Express Speed)
Pre-Departure PCR Test (Express Speed)

For passengers who need their results within 6 hours, this is the fastest way to get your result before boarding your flight.

Before your appointment, please send us a copy of your identity card (front and back), passport, vaccination report, and flight departure itinerary.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • We provide nasopharyngeal swab reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) testing. The sample will be sent to the laboratory on the same day, and your result will be out within 24 hours. We also provide express service and you can get the results within 6 hours.

  • We follow the official protocols on from Singapore's Ministry of Health.
    Protocol 1: Patients who are tested positive by a doctor and are assessed eligible for Home Recovery Programme (HRP).
    Protocol 2: Patients who are well or assessed mild by a doctor, they will follow protocol 2.
    For patients who were tested positive for pre-departure PCR or ART, they would generally follow protocol 2.

  • After you received a positive pre-departure PCR or ART result at the clinic, doctor would have assessed you to be low-risk with no symptoms or mild symptoms. You would be placed under Protocol 2.
    MOH no longer issues Recovery Memo for individuals placed on Protocol 2. If you need a Recovery Memo for travel purposes, please inform the clinic who conducted the PCR or ART test. The Recovery Memo will be issued on Day 7 after your positive test.

  • We use Abbott PanbioTM COVID-19 antigen rapid test kit. It is internationally recognised and approved for use by US FDA, Europe's CE Mark and Singapore's HSA.

  • PCR results issued by the laboratory are notorised. ART results are issued directly by Singapore's Ministry of Health.

When Result is Negative

We will send the results to your verified email address. If you have not received the email, it could be in your spam folder. Please print and bring the memo/test results when you travel.

For a normal PCR test, you will receive your results within 24 hours.

For an express PCR test, you will receive your results within 6 hours.

When Result is Positive

We will not be able to issue a memo for "fit to travel" if your Pre-Departure COVID-19 PCR Swab Test result is positive. Please read the latest advisory if you are tested positive or exposed to COVID-positive patients. However, you can request for a Recovery Memo on Day 7 after the positive test result.

When Result is Inconclusive

We will contact you if your result is inconclusive. A repeat test may be conducted, and it is chargeable. We shall not be held responsible or liable for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs, or liabilities whatsoever arising from this result should it affect your departure.


Travellers are responsible and must ensure that their pre-departure test appointment is within the testing window mandated by the country of destination. Travellers are advised to print and bring the memo/test results overseas. Travellers are to confirm that their flight date and timing are correct, and check with the embassy of the country of destination for any changes in travel advisories. A Healing Heart Medical is not liable for any costs that may incur from any rejections from airlines, authorities, or embassies.


We work with a MOH-authorised laboratory partner for pre-departure COVID-19 PCR swab tests. Delays may occur when transporting and processing specimens, and in conveyance of results. A Healing Heart Medical or our laboratory partner shall not be responsible or liable in any way for any claims, losses, damages, expenses, loss of income, revenue, profits, business disruption, costs or liabilities whatsoever resulting from or arising out of, or in connection, directly or indirectly from your use of our test services.

At the point of registration before your test, we will share with you the terms and conditions of our Pre-Departure COVID-19 PCR Swab Test service stated on this website.

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