Intermediate Care Services

Have you ever felt your conditions or symptoms may not quite need a specialist’s care or may not fall under any particular specialty, and yet you require more expertise to assess your conditions than a regular clinic?

At A Healing Heart Medical, we offer Intermediate Care Services that will support this group of patients. Our services are medium bandwidth focus: it's not broad-based like a regular General Clinic and not focused on specific conditions like a Specialist.

Synergy with Primary Care and Specialists

As an Intermediate Care Services clinic, we will narrow down possible causes for your conditions or symptoms and evaluate further to find the root causes.

Together with our advanced rapid point of care testing and allied health services such as professional nursing, physiotherapist, and psychologist, we aim to provide a more holistic support for your needs between specialist care and general practice.

We work with specialists and general practitioners. Our medical team will arrange, when needed, and coordinate a full spectrum of services for you. Check out our services below.


We believe in preventive measures and help set you on a roadmap to recovery while working closely together with our specialist colleagues to provide cardiology investigations at certified centres.


Together with specialists, we help you screen for risk of stomach, rectal and colon cancers to detect root causes and reduce risk of developing into more serious conditions.


We can take steps to slow down progession of eye conditions together with ophthalmologist partners to provide comprehensive eye examination.


We aim to boost your health, stamina and endurance to a higher level together with certified nurses and physiotheraphists.

Hormonal & Wellness

We can improve men's and women's health status through a better lifestyle regime, hair, weight and pain management.

Rapid Blood Test Services

We understand the need for speed, especially for conditions where you need the answers fast. Our rapid blood test services produce results within 5 to 15 mins.

Post-Hospitalisation Care

We are committed to work out an individualised post-hospitalisation care plan with you.

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