Preventive Medicine

We believe in guiding our patients in Preventive Medicine that goes beyond the usual annual health screening.

Preventive Medicine

Treatment of Osteoporosis and Prevention of Osteoporosis/Osteopaenia

As our age increases, our bones start to lose bone content. In fact, we reach our peak bone content when we are about 30 years old. After that, with each passing decade, our bones become less compact and more fragile. As part of Preventive Medicine, we believe we should not wait until severe osteoporosis sets then we treat. Early detection of osteopenia, which is milder and earlier form of osteoporosis, is important.

List of services and treatments:

  1. Oral medication and injection for Osteoporosis and Osteopaenia
  2. Guided exercise therapy to help improve bone mass. (arriving at a future date)

Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 & 2 and pre-diabetic states
Continuous glucose monitoring

Diabetes is a well-known condition. But treatments and medications keep evolving and getting better. At Healing Heart Medical Clinic, we also believe in Secondary Prevention as part of Preventive Medicine. Secondary prevention means to act to prevent the disease from getting worse and reduce future complications. We aim to detect diabetes early and to start measures and medications to help reduce the progression from early prediabetic condition to actual diabetes.

Monitoring for diabetes should no longer be a major hassle and daily needle pricks for glucose checking. We offer continuous glucose monitoring that will allow us to help you keep track of your daily glucose levels throughout the whole day while reducing pricks to a minimum. This can also be monitored at home and the overall trend can be downloaded at our clinic and our friendly staff will go through with you in detail and you can learn the glucose trend fluctuations in relation with your activities and medications.

List of services and treatments:

  1. Long-acting insulin
  2. Ultrashort acting insulin
  3. Other forms of insulin
  4. Latest diabetic medications
  5. Continuous glucose monitoring
  6. Diabetes yearly eye screening for diabetic retinopathy
  7. Diabetes yearly foot screening for diabetic neuropathy and ulcers

Weight Management

Weight management is an important component not just for disease such as diabetes but also for optimal day to day life and self-esteem. It is also an important part of preventive medicine as control of obesity is shown to reduce risk for certain diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

We are non-judgemental, and we truly believe in helping you achieve weight control in a safe guided manner. You will be guided every part of your journey to your desired weight.

Oral and injection medications are available.

Hormonal deficiencies
Thyroid Disease
Adrenal insufficiency
Growth Hormone Deficiency

Hormones are a silent part of our lives until their levels become unstable. They can first appear as long-term low energy levels with low mood and poor attention span, weight gain and poor sleep quality. Or they can appear as sudden weight decrease with increase irritability and heart palpitations.

We will help you find out the imbalance and start you on the appropriate therapy to rebalance the hormones. Early detection will help to prevent the complications from hormonal imbalance, e.g. risk of atrial fibrillation with hyperthyroidism causing heart palpitations.

  1. Blood and Radiological tests and treatment for hyperthyroid and hypothyroid
  2. Blood and Radiological tests and treatment for adrenal insufficiency
  3. Blood and Radiological tests and treatment for growth hormone deficiency

Preventive Cardiology

This comes in the form of primary and secondary prevention. Primary Prevention will involve reducing the cardiac risk for patients with known strong family history for heart attacks or patients may already have risks such as hypertension, high cholesterol and/or diabetes.

Secondary prevention means to reduce the risk of heart attack in patients who has known mild coronary blockages but fortunately has yet to have a heart attack.

We will have the time to plan with you the best possible way for either primary or secondary prevention of cardiac disease. This can either come in a form of judicious control of risk factors or guided physical therapy. We will also empower you to better understand your condition and giving you more control over your own body.

List of Preventive Cardiology services:

  1. Judicious control of hypertension and resistant hypertension
  2. 24hr blood pressure monitoring
  3. Control of hypercholesterolemia
  4. Control of diabetes and pre diabetic condition
  5. Smoking cessation
  6. Cardiac Preconditioning

Vaccinations and antibodies levels

In COVID pandemic era, awareness for vaccines has grown but vaccines are not just for one disease COVID. There are many other life-threatening diseases such as pneumonia and influenza that can be even more common than COVID, but we are not aware of it as these have become a part of our life. Vaccines offer protection from getting infected and in form of reduced chances of getting symptoms and decreased severity of disease if one should get it.

Therefore, vaccines remain a cornerstone of preventive medicine and we strongly advocate for vaccination. Of course, your safety and concerns matter to us too and we welcome you to come for a consultation to find out suitability for a vaccine.

We also offer antibody level checks post vaccination for Hepatitis B and COVID vaccines for those of us who wishes to check on protective antibodies levels.

List of vaccinations and services (Please call us to check on availability):

  1. Pneumococcal Vaccines (for pneumonia): PCV 13 and Pneumovax 23
  2. Influenza Vaccine
  3. Gardasil 9 Vaccine
  4. Chickenpox Vaccine
  5. Hepatitis A and B Vaccines
  6. Antibody level checks post-vaccination for Hepatitis B and COVID vaccines

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