Individualised Post-Hospitalisation Care

We are committed to work out an individualised post-hospitalisation recovery care plan with you.

Post-Hospitalisation Recovery

Why choose us?

While patients were hospitalised, they were often seen by specialists and acute treatments were provided. After patients were discharged from the hospital, they had follow-up appointments scheduled between one and three months with their specialists for post-procedural care.

Beyond post-procedural care, many patients who were deemed fit for discharge by their specialists were sent to primary care. However, these patients may still require a level of care and attention that most primary care clinics are unable to provide.

This is where A Healing Heart Medical can help. Our Advanced Physicians are experienced and equipped with knowledge of General Medicine/Surgery, General Stroke Care and General Cardiology. They are aided by a team of senior surgical nurses, pharmacists and allied health care including physiotherapists, podiatrists, and psychologists.

For example, we will guide you on your journey beyond just recovery but also restoring your functional strength with customised cardiac reconditioning. This will be done while keeping pace with what your body can do and not based on a standard milestones program.

We can provide earlier appointments and attend to you at our clinic, while most restructured hospitals' appointments are scheduled weeks away.

List of Post-Hospitalisation Care Services

  1. Stroke medical care and physiotherapy
  2. Post heart attack care and reconditioning
  3. Electrolytes imbalances eg Sodium/potassium/creatinine checks
  4. Hormonal medications adjustment and blood tests
  5. Wound care
  6. Suture removal
  7. Psychological care

Our team of doctor and registered nurse can manage your chronic conditions and improve health outcomes. We will assess and diagnose your existing condition and provide personalised care plans and treatments.

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