Cardiovascular Disease

Preventing cardiovascular disease

Once you are aware of the risks, what can you do to prevent further deterioration of your heart health? That’s where we can help you manage and prevent cardiovascular disease.

At A Healing Heart Medical Clinic, we work closely with patients both to prevent onset of disease and for those who are already diagnosed, we will help to set you on a roadmap to recovery and control of your condition.

Primary Prevention:

Early detection of root causes and preventing complications such as coronary artery disease (CAD) and Ischaemic heart disease (IHD)
  • Health screening detects root causes of CAD e.g. hypertension/high cholesterol/diabetes and early signs of heart diseases. Early control of root causes helps to prevent it from developing into serious conditions such as a heart attack.
  • Lifestyle management should start, such as keeping a healthy diet, exercising regularly, reducing body weight or obesity, reducing alcoholic consumption, stopping your smoking habit.

Secondary Prevention:

Managing CAD and preventing worsening of CAD and preventing heart attacks
  • Lifestyle management should still continue, such as keeping a healthy diet, exercising regularly, reducing body weight or obesity, reducing alcoholic consumption, stopping your smoking habit.
  • Taking appropriate medication to reduce worsening of the heart vessel blockage and controlling root causes, such as high blood pressure/cholesterol/diabetes mellitus.
  • Rapid blood tests evaluate the risk or diagnose a heart attack or heart failure within 15 minutes.
  • Early coronary artery intervention such as angioplasty with percutaneous coronary artery stent insertion or coronary artery.

Tertiary Prevention:

Recovery and minimise impact of heart attack and reducing chance of further heart attacks
  • At A Healing Heart Medical, we aim not just only to treat your condition but also strive to let you recover as much of your function as possible.
  • Our team led by Dr Gerald will customise professional cardiac rehabitation programme and our cardiac therapists will help you recover physical strength and stamina.
  • Our team will micromanage your medications and seek to optimise control and minimise side effects.
  • Our professional nurses will follow up with you closely and assist you even as you recover at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cardiovascular disease refers to medical conditions that affect the heart or blood vessels. It happens as more fatty deposits build-up inside arteries and increase the risk of blood clots.

  • According to Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) 2020 report, one in four deaths were caused by heart diseases in Singapore.

  • a.Those who are older than 40 years

    b.Those with family history of cardiovascular disease

    - having a first-degree male relative, such as your father or brother, who had a heart attack by age 55, or

    - having a first-degree female relative, such as your mother or sister, who had a heart attack by age 65

    c.Those with high blood pressure (also known as hypertension)

    d.Those who smoke

    e.Those with high cholesterol

    f.Those with diabetes

    g.Those who are overweight or obese

    h.Those who do not exercise regularly

    i.Those who has an unhealthy diet

    j.Those who drinks alcohol excessively

Heart Health Screenings

  • Cardiac Executive is the first of our heart health screening combinations. This screening is selected for busy executives with a focus on your cardiac health. From extensive cardiac blood screening to a treadmill stress test, this allows us to investigate any cardiac ischemia and the overall conditioning of your body.

  • Cardiac Gold is a popular cardiac screening that uses non-invasive 2-Dimensional (2D) echocardiography to produce cross-section views and observe real-time movement of heart structures to ascertain the heart function, heart valves function and any structural heart abnormalities without the risk of radiation from X-Rays.

  • Cardiac Premium is a step-up for cardiac screening with the addition of Exercise Stress Echocardiogram. A stress echocardiogram offers additional insight into the real-time function and structure of the heart. It also detects heart ischemia without the risk of radiation. Together with cardiac blood tests, Cardiac Premium will provide a more complete evaluation for you.

  • First Class showcases CT Coronary Angiogram that allows detection of heart blockages in our coronary arteries without the need for invasive procedures. It will also show the degree of blockages as well. Together with comprehensive cardiac blood tests, it will provide a definite answer as to the presence of coronary artery disease or not. No running exercises required during the CT scan.

  • Cardiac Excellence offers the most complete cardiac evaluation that is technologically available at this point in time. Cardiac Excellence includes a Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that is radition-free and allows detailed evaluation of the structure of the heart down to the tissue level.

Rapid On-Site Blood Tests

  • For patients and family members who want answers fast, we have rapid blood tests services at the clinic that give you results in 5-15 minutes. This service is for those with mild chest pain, shortness of breath, who are on blood thinning medications, post-hospitalisation care on electrolytes and anaemia.

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