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Advanced Physicians

Welcome to A Healing Heart Medical Clinic where your healing starts here.

We belong to a small but growing group of Advanced Physicians providing general health, preventive medicine and intermediate care services to patients who do not quite need tertiary care and yet require more individualised attention.

As an intermediate care health provider, our team focuses on preventive medicine that includes health screening, heart-related health screening, osteopenia / osteoporosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, vaccinations, hormonal and wellness, and intermediate care services in chronic cardiology, regenerative medicine, post-hospitalisation care services, and more that will benefit your health and well-being.

For those who need answers, we provide rapid diagnostic procedures at the clinic using rapid blood tests to check possible chest pain, heart failure, including haemoglobin, renal, and blood thinning levels. This allows us time to focus on optimising care plans and connecting you to resources that will set you on a healing path.

A Healing Heart Medical Team. Dr Gerald Thang

We Have

General Health and Preventive Medicine Services

General Health

We take care of patients with acute and chronic conditions, such as flu, cough, runny nose, asthma, bronchitis, gastritis, thyroid, etc.

Preventive Medicine

We offer personalized and comprehensive preventive medicine services to help you maintain optimal health and prevent diseases like osteopenia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

Health Screening

1 in 4 Singaporeans has one or more chronic diseases. Through health screening, we can uncover these illnesses and put you on a path of recovery.

Heart Health Screening

Advanced imaging scan has additional benefits in preventive screening. People with high risk factors should do CT scan to detect silent heart disease.


We provide influenza, pneumococcal, hepatitis B, Gardasil 9, Twinrix, and Shingrix vaccines. Eligible Singaporeans can use MediSave and CHAS for national recommended vaccinations.

COVID-19 Related

We provide help to patients who are infected with COVID-19 or suffering from post-COVID infection to regain their strength and stamina. We also update NIR, provide ART and PCR tests for those travelling abroad or attending local events.

We Have

Intermediate Care Services

Intermediate Care

We bridge between general practice and specialty care to provide more expertise to assess your conditions than a regular clinic.


We believe in preventive measures and help set you on a roadmap to recovery while working closely together with our specialist colleagues to provide cardiology investigations at certified centres.

Regenerative Medicine

Explore the future of healthcare with regenerative medicine that offers new avenues for restoring function and improving your quality of life post-illness.

Derma Clinica (Skincare)

Derma Clinica is our skincare programme that marries science in a systematic and evidence-based approach.


Together with specialists, we help you screen for risk of stomach, rectal and colon cancers to detect root causes and reduce risk of developing into more serious conditions.


We can take steps to slow down progession of eye conditions together with ophthalmologist partners to provide comprehensive eye examination.


We aim to boost your health, stamina and endurance to a higher level together with certified nurses and physiotheraphists.

Hormonal & Wellness

We can improve men's and women's health status through a better lifestyle regime, hair, weight and pain management.

Rapid Blood Test Services

We understand the need for speed, especially for conditions where you need the answers fast. Our rapid blood test services produce results within 5 to 15 mins.

Post-Hospitalisation Care

We are committed to work out an individualised post-hospitalisation care plan with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • While both intermediate and primary care advocates prevention, intermediate care offers intensive support for patients with complex needs, thus bridges primary and hospital care. Intermediate care, in a heartlands community setting, aims to optimise patient's health outcomes and prevent hospitalisation. Intermediate care strives to help patients gain functional independence, and improve overall health and well-being while minimising the need for hospitalisation and long-term care placement.

  • Yes, it's preferable to make an appointment at least one working day in advance. We welcome walk-ins too. You can reach us at 6962 1362 too.

  • You can use cashless payment like PayNow, PayLah, Nets, etc. Cash and credit card payments like Visa and Mastercard are also accepted.

  • Consultation fees do not include medication, additional treatment, laboratory and diagnostic investigations. Hence, you need to pay doctor's consultation fees on each visit. When there is no consultation, the dispensing medication and triage fees are chargeable.

  • We encourage you to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you arrive late, priority will be given to another patient.

  • Yes, we offer online video consultations, also known as teleconsultation services. However, this service is not for a 'first-time patient' but is extended to existing patients who have been seen by our doctor before.

    During the online video consultation if there is a need for physical examination or blood tests, we will continue the consultation at our clinic.

    Please note that online consultations are not available to patients residing overseas. These patients are encouraged to come and consult in-person at the clinic in Singapore.

  • We can help to evaluate your severity of chest pain. Our rapid blood test services will be able to find out if you are having a heart attack and arrange for tertiary treatment.

  • Yes, we can help to find out the cause of your shortness of breath. Our rapid blood test services is able to find out if you are having heart failure by measuring the heart failure index. These tests can also show your actual blood oxygen and carbon dioxide level, and how acidic the blood is to provide a further insight to the cause of your shortness of breath.

  • Our rapid blood tests include heart attack indicator Troponin I, heart failure indicator BNP, blood oxygen, carbon dioxide, blood acidity levels, blood potassium, sodium, red blood level, creatinine and warfarin blood thinning levels PT/INR.

  • The first Health Plan consultation is free for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents. (It is free for one-time Healthier SG Health Plan only. If you have been to another clinic for Health Plan consultation, this will be counted as your second time and it will be chargeable.) This first consultation include plans to improve your health. It does not include medication, additional treatment, laboratory and diagnostic investigations. Subsequent consultation fees are chargable.

    Singaporeans without any existing chronic conditions can check their Screen for Life (SFL) status. If they are eligible for SFL, they can proceed with a subsidised health screening. Click here for more details on Screen for Life.

    Singaporeans with CHAS card (including Merdeka and Pioneer Generation cards) enjoy additional benefits for chronic medications. They can choose to use the Standard Drug List offered under the Healthier SG for chronic medications. A small delivery fee of $4 is, however, chargeable to patients if they choose to purchase chronic medications under the Healthier SG Standard Drug List. This is a door-step delivery to the address of your choice. For those who missed the delivery, there will be additional delivery charges. This delivery arrangement is between MOH appointed vendor and the patient.

    Singaporeans who are eligible for the Nationally Recommended Vaccines, e.g. Hepatitis B vaccine, Influenza vaccine, and Pneumococcal vaccine, can use their Healthier SG enrolment benefit to get free vaccination. This is for those with medical conditions mentioned in the National Adult and Child Immunisation Schedule.

    Singapore Permanent Residents only enjoys the first Health Plan consultation free under Healthier SG programme.

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Blk 134, Geylang East Avenue 1, #01-227, Singapore 380134

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