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Hormonal and Wellness

The pandemic has changed the way we view wellness. While we led a sedentary lifestyle during this period with less physical activities, it had heightened and accelerated our need for improved self-care and happiness.

We now want our wellness to thrive, and not just surviving.

To move our patients towards an optimal state of health, we identify root causes of disease or chronic health conditions and even if none are found, create the right environment, and give proper care and instructions to heal and improve.

Men and women who are seeking personalised care to improve their health status in the following areas, please contact us:

  • - Specially curated wellness pack to check on hormonal and nutritional imbalance for men and women
  • - Testosterone Deficiency
  • - Menopause
  • - Growth Hormone Deficiency
  • - Lifestyle (mental wellness, rejuvenation, exercise, and nutrition)
  • - Weight management
  • - Pain relief and pain management
  • - Scalp and hair management
  • - Diabetic and eye care management

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Human Growth Hormone, HGH
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