Request for Medical Report

Request for Medical Report

Patients can request a medical report in person at the clinic's registration counter and submit the required supporting documents. They can also post the supporting documents by mail or email.

Fees for Each Request

We charge each request for a medical report. The medical report fee may include additional charges such as X-ray and Laboratory Investigation.

You can pay:

  • In person at the clinic's registration counter or
  • Via bank transfer (PayNow) to UEN 202113244D. Please include the patient's full name for reference.

Please note that Medisave cannot be used to pay for the medical report.

There is no refund once payment is made.

Processing Time for Each Request

Each request is subject to A Healing Heart Medical Pte. Ltd.'s approval. We will process the application after receiving payment and the necessary supporting documents.

The process will take at least 7 working days.

We will contact patient once the medical report is ready.

Required Supporting Documents

For us to process your application, we will require the following supporting documents:

  1. A copy of the patient's NRIC / FIN / Passport / identification documents.
  2. The patient's consent to release medical information.
    • (A) For patients requesting personal use, please download and complete the application form.
    • (B) For patients requesting third-party use (e.g., insurance claim, work-related injury, legal matters), please attach (A) and seek the third-party agency to produce the letter of authorisation with the patient's signatory, date, name, and ID number. The letter must include the company logo, letterhead or stamp. It must state the purpose for releasing the patient's medical information.

In addition, please note the following:

  1. For patients below 21 years old, please seek the consent of the patient's parents or legal guardian.
  2. For patients unable to consent due to medical conditions or deceased, please seek consent from the appointed representatitve of the patient's estate.
  3. Additional supporting documents are required to prove the representative's relationship to the patient. They include but are not limited to the death certificate, birth certificate, passport for foreigners, marriage certificate, letter of authorisation, Grant of Probate, and Lasting Power of Attorney.
  4. The consent form must include the date, the patient's signatory, name and ID number. The consent is valid for six months.

Process Flow

(1) Submit (A) if it is for your own use. Submit (A) and (B) if it is for third-party use.

(2) Ensure that you have included a copy of identification documents.

(3) Mail or email your request to the clinic.

(4) Once all the documents are received, the clinic will inform you the amount to pay and process upon receiving payment. Please note that it will take at least 7 working days to process from this point onwards.

(5) When the medical report is ready for collection, the clinic will inform you and proceed with your preferred mode of delivery.

Download Application Form (A)

  • This application form is for patients to fill up. If the patient is below 21 years old or medically unable to complete the form, then the authorised representative, parent or guardian will need to complete the form. Please print, complete the form, and attach the necessary supporting documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Applying to consent to release medical records is necessary because of patient privacy, confidentiality, and compliance with legal regulations. Medical records contain sensitive and personal information about a patient's health, medical history, and treatment details. Releasing such information without proper consent could lead to breaches of privacy and compromise the confidentiality of the patient's data.

    Requiring patients to apply for the release of medical records ensures that they are fully informed about the process. By signing the consent form, patients acknowledge that they understand what information will be shared, to whom it will be disclosed, and for what purpose.

  • Without the formal application of consent, we will never disclose any information to your employer or any third-party agency. Requiring a formal application or consent helps prevent unauthorised access to your medical records. It ensures that only authorised individuals, such as the patient or their authorised representatives, have the right to access the information.

  • Keeping a record of the consent forms helps the clinic maintain a transparent and accountable system for managing medical records requests. It ensures that all requests are legitimate, properly documented, and handled appropriately.

    Requiring consent protects the clinic from potential liability issues and malpractice claims. It demonstrates our committment to take the necessary steps to comply with regulations and respect patient rights.

    By obtaining patient consent through a formal application process, we can assure patients that we act ethically and legally while respecting patient autonomy and privacy. This process is necessary to foster trust between the patient and the clinic, as patients are more confident that their sensitive medical information will be handled with care and confidentiality.

  • According to the SMC Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines 2016, patients have a right to expect that any information provided by doctor in the context of clinical care be kept confidential, unless there are very good reasons for sharing the information.

    The clinic will maintain medical confidentiality unless patients consent for specific disclosure to other parties, and will not disclose anything more than is necessary in the context of the case.

  • The doctor needs to review the patient's full medical records to prepare the report with the information as required. The fee levied for providing the medical report covers the clinic's administrative costs and the doctor's professional input. The medical consultation bill does not include the cost of medical reports.

    This is a standard practice across all the public and private healthcare institutions in Singapore.

  • A medical memo is a brief statement from a doctor to state the patient's diagnosis. It contain no explanation of patient's purpose of visit, medical condition and any events/incidents leading to the visit.

    A medical report is a factual report of the patient's medical condition based on medical information available to the doctor.

  • All medical reports are written in English only.

  • You can post it by mail to our address: Blk 134, Geylang East Avenue 1, #01-227, Singapore 380134. Alternatively, you can attach all the supporting documents to our email address:

    Please attention it to our Finance team. Thank you.

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